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Please see below for answers to many frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please be sure to contact our helpful team who are happy to help.

It depends on the size of the marquee and whether your guests will be seated around tables or standing.

  • 28’ X 38’ marquee – up to 80 seated or 100 standing
  • 28’ x 28’ marquee – up to 40 seated or 54 standing
  • 20’ x 30’ marquee – up to 48 seated or 60 standing
  • 20’ x 20’ marquee – up to 24 seated and 32 standing

Yes in light weather. No in heavy rain conditions.

The side walls fit nicely into the arches in the marquee. There is a cord that runs along inside of the arches and the side walls clip on to the cord. They can also be pegged to the ground if required.

No we bring them as matter of course and are included in the price.

If you decide to attach them later in the day they should take no longer than a couple of minutes per side wall.

It does depend on the summer weather, the type of event and the condition of the grass, many of the more informal events that we cover work well with or without the matting.

Again it does depend on the weather and how late your event is likely to go on in the evening and the time of year.

We require a standard plug point and we provide circuit breakers.

It depends on the type of event, we like to work with the venue and yourself organise this.

We can supply tables and chairs, and entertainment options.

No capri marquees can not, they can only put up on grass, however we can supply frame marquees for this.

Without matting the marquee may become dirty on the inside due to the way it is erected.