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Creating Character for Your Event

No matter what event you’re planning, from a wedding to a corporate event, if you’ve got a theme, you need some character. This extra bit of effort can turn your event from ‘okay’ to ‘wow!’ and it really doesn’t take a lot to create something magical. To show you what we mean, we’ve pulled together our top tips for creating character for your next marquee-based event.



Lighting is absolutely essential when it comes to marquees. A majority of marquees for hire can come with uplighters so that you can see the interior, but it’s the perfect way to add lighting that reflects your theme and creates some atmosphere. Add some fairy lights or tea lights across the ceiling for a beautiful, magical glow. Try pairing your uplighting with lit up centrepieces to draw focus to the tables, or you could even hang lanterns with multi-coloured lights to create a colourful, fun space.


Hanging Décor

A marquee is a lot like a blank canvas – a big empty space just calling out to be decorated. But most people focus on the floors, sides and table decoration, often completely neglecting the ceiling. You can decorate your marquee with hanging flower displays, fair lights, lanterns or hanging birds and butterflies to add a touch of whimsy and character to your event. This little touch will really stick in your guests’ minds and have them looking around for other exciting surprises within your marquee.


Enticing Entrances and Exits

If you want a big event that people will be talking about for weeks to come – you need a grand entrance and an equally grand exit.  Separating the two creates a structure and flow to your event space, and gives you the chance to surprise your guests one last time before they leave. Spend some time creating themed decorations to welcome your guest and make a really big impact. So if you’re theme is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for example, you might want an archway of hedges, roses and teacups for guests to walk under. If you’re going for rustic country beauty, try potted plants, flower boughs or an intricate weaving of twigs and lights. This will help your guests feel warm, welcome and in the spirit as they step into your marquee.


Finishing Touches 

As with everything in life, it’s the little things that really do make a big difference. So when you think you’re nearly there with your decoration, take a seat somewhere and look around. Are there any bare areas that you could add some little flourishes to? Do your tables look sparse? Adding some themed centrepieces, little surprise decorations or signs can really bring your space to life.

At Complete Marquees, we believe that the perfect event reflects the hosts’ personality in every single way, and that includes the décor and venue chosen. With one of our strong and sturdy marquees, you can create any type event you want, without having to fit in with an existing décor style. For more information, or to hire a marquee for your event, get in touch with us today.