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Celebrate the Hottest Summer In Style

Party marquees hireIt might not look like it right now (actually I don’t know, is it raining where you are too?) but we are set to have the hottest summer in British history this year. Now I know that gets said every year, but we are hoping that this year it might actually happen! So in order to make the most of the hottest summer in history, we have a few ideas to get you out in the sun, marquee style.


Host a Summer Party

If you love getting your friends round for a barbeque on those hot summer afternoons, why not go the extra mile and throw a garden party for them. A garden party is a great way to gather together all of those friends you don’t see very often for one special evening, even if the main reason for the gathering is a barbecue and drinks. When planning your party, make sure you stock up on enough drinks, organise food for everyone and provide some fantastic entertainment. Another important thing to remember is to provide people with some shade and shelter from the sunshine, particularly if they have children with delicate skin. A marquee is a perfect way to provide a shaded space for your entertainment and seating, and of course, it provides protection from any sudden weather changes!


Summer Weddings

If you’re getting married at the height of wedding season, you’ll undoubtedly want to be making the most of it. Outdoor weddings are an ideal way to enjoy the sunshine and get some fantastic pictures, but they do also carry the risk of sunburn and heatstroke. If you’re getting married in a country house or hotel, having a marquee in the gardens can be the perfect way to add your own flare to your day. They give you the flexibility of size and layout, with a range of external styles to suit your theme and a blank canvas inside for you to truly make your own. A marquee wedding also gives you total control over what you eat, as you are not restricted to the venue’s catering options, and can create the perfect atmosphere for your evening entertainment.


Corporate Events

Corporate events in summer often conjure up images of stuffy, overheated venues and lots of ice water and sweat all around. But they don’t have to be. Instead of hosting your summer corporate events indoors and relying on lacklustre central heating, why not push the boat out and opt for a marquee instead? Most types of corporate event can be held in a marquee, giving your delegates the enjoyment of being outside in the warm weather, the ability to be cooled by the breeze (or large fans) and the general feeling of wellness and enjoyment that come from being outdoors. Most marquees can be fitted with power, so you can still display your PowerPoints and films with no problems. Keep your employees engaged, happy and comfortable during your event.


Of course, there are many more uses for a marquee during the warm summer months. If you’re looking for a unique and flexible marquee hire service this summer, look no further.  Our marquees come in Capri and Pagoda styles and in different sizes to suit your event and needs and can be erected stably on grass and concrete. For more information or to book your event marquee, get in touch with us today.